Food Stories

Dry Kachori

If you ever have visited Jamnagar, nicknamed as Oil City of India, you must have savoured the joy of gulping down these balls of spice.

Even though the birth place of Kachori is widely debated as either Uttar Pradesh of Rajasthan, Dry Kachor has shot to fame as prominent snack of the Kathiyawadi city of Gujarat. Stuffed with flour and lots of spices, this tangy snack explodes with multitude of flavours in mouth.

While Kachori in most part of Gujarat are made in ball shape, other states have their own approaches to preparing Kachori. In Rajasthan Kachori is round, but much flatter and also mildly sweet. In Delhi, Kachori is savored as chat, with onions peppered all over it. But of course, among all, Jamnagar has stood out with its Dry Kachori. Far and wide enjoyed with Chutney and Dahi, there are actually no restrictions on how-to-and with-what-to eat this spice balls. So go ahead and have them your way. Order this famous Jamnagari snack from Leelamrut and make the celebration of this festive season special.

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Order this famous barodian snack from Leelamrut and make the celebration of this festive season special.

Savory Khajali

There are only a few snacks and sweets on which a particular geographical region can claim its monopoly. Khajali is one of them. It is a specialty of Porbandar. In fact more the hundreds of snack makers of Porbandar proudly boast that it has remained restricted to Porbandar only because its atmosphere suits the making of Khajali. So be it, but it doesn't matter as long as you conveniently get to have your hands on this savory food item.

Khajali is made of finely grinded wheat flour (Mendo). Unlike other snacks it is fried in Ghee. Further it comes in different varieties; sweet Khajali (Sata), mild Khajali and masala Khajali. It is also known as flaky fried biscuit, because when you take a bite of Khajali it disintegrates into thin flakes in you mouth. Khajali is an all season snack or sweet but especially when sweets are exchanged with dear ones during festive seasons, sweet Khajali tends to claim a big share of the pie.

Order this famous Probandari snack from Leelamrut and make the celebration of this festive special.

Mari Masala Ganthiya

How a simple and salty snack like Ganthiya or Gathiya set its foothold in every household of Gujarat is still a mystery, but it is fact that today it has become a culture food icon of Gujarat. And when we talk about Ganthiya, it's hard not to talk about Bhavnagar.

Bhavnagari Ganthiya! Its Namkeen taste has not only swept Gujaratis off their feet, but has also cast its magical spell on people all over India, and also across the world.

There are oodles of other varities of Ganthiya lik Tikha Ganthiya, Fafda Ganthiya, Papdi Ganthiya and many more. The main ingredient of Mari Masala Ganthiya is gram flour which is mixed with black pepper and other desired spices. This salty and crunchy snack is considered best biting in the season of monsoon. Eating a hand full Gathiya with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day is in fact every Gujarati's most cherished food-fantasy. Order this famous Bhavnagari snack from Leelamrut and make the celebration of this festive season special.

Dry Patra

Patra (patarveliya) is one of the most popular items of Gujarat which can take your taste bud on roller coaster ride because it is sweet, spicy and salty all at once! This is a savory steamed leaf roll recipe, made from arbi or colocasia leaf. As per the normal preparation, a thick gram flour and tamarind batter spread on arbi leaves, rolled, steamed and cut into small rounds then fried with little oil to make an appetizing snack. However the twist here is, instead of , regular soft Patra these are dry and any come consume Patra!

Bardoli happens to be the inventing center for new avatar of Patra. Due to this, the crunch of dry Patra has been too close to the hearts of Gujaratis residing in South Gujarat. However in recent past this low calorie delicacy has gain preference across the country. Due to its dry nature it is an easy to store and fresh to consume at any given point of time without change of taste.

Order this Crispy dry patra from Leelamrut and make the celebration of this festive season special.